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SolaFrame 1500

Bright, Brighter, BRIGHTEST!

SolaFrame 1500, the latest in the SolaSpot range, is an innovative and ground breaking fixture. The SolaFrame 1500 outputs 20,000 lumens using a 400w LED engine! Unparalleled LED brightness coupled with features including framing shutters, CMY color mixing, linear CTO, two gobo wheels, animation effects, a prism, an iris, frost and an 8 to 45 degree zoom range (amongst others) make this the most exciting LED product on the market today.

SolaFrame 1500 is not only packed with tools for lighting designers but also makes use of many of High End’s patents, including the lens defog system which is essential in LED fixtures as well as our thermal protection patents which ensure the fixture always operates to the best of its ability.

Further to this, the SolaFrame 1500 has been designed with the user in mind. Integrated retractable handles make lifting, turning and rigging this fixture extremely easy. Bulkheads and power supplies are all easily removed for service, as is the light engine. This is a fixture which can truly replace high-powered traditional lamp moving lights!

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